School started this week – and that means back-to-school craft time!  There are so many great school themed crafts out there that that it can be hard to choose.  Foam and duct tape pencil cases?  Make and decorate a paper bag book cover?  Hot glue gun crayon art (for the very brave librarian)?  All so cute!   But this year I decided to keep it simple with a super fun and easy Pencil Topper craft.  IMG_0139[1]

The only required materials for this craft are pipe cleaners and glue.  You can use anything else you have lying around your house, library, or classroom to serve as pencil topper decorations!  In our case, I put out an assortment of feathers, pom poms, googly eyes, sequins, craft foam and ribbon, and just let the kids pick and choose what they wanted.



One of the things I love most about a craft activity like this is that its really accessible to kids of all ages.  While our younger participants stuck to gluing a few pom poms to a pipe cleaner, our older participants created some pretty cool and creative stuff – like the pretty awesome stick figure man in the above photo!  Crafts where anything goes are always my favorite because they really encourage kids to use their imagination.



So, what are you doing at your house, school, or library to add a little fun to the start of the school year?